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get to know me meme - 2/5 favorite female characters: Violet Harmon

The darkness. It has me.

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zoe benson + powers

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American Horror Story: Murder House [x]

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"I questioned by sanity when I first found out, but this house will make you a believer. You see, Violet, we were living here when Tate lost his way, and I believe the house drove him to it. You’re a smart girl. How can you be so arrogant to think that there’s only one reality that you’re able to see."

Piggy Piggy  |  American Horror Story: Murder House

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Anonymous whispered: If you could rewrite season 1, what would you change? Anything. Plot, casting, ending, etc.

I wouldn’t have made Tate Rubber Man that’s for certain — at least not without it being the house possessing his body and/or an “evil twin”. In the latter Tate is under the impression he did it and doesn’t remember and said twin lets him because why not??

I would eradicate all the gross sex and rape scenes that were just there for shock effect. They were a cheap way to fill up time that could have been better spent developing the story lines and characters, to be frank.

The ending would naturally be changed by Tate’s not being Rubber Man buuuuut honestly I would have loved two seasons, one successively aired after the other? There had to be so many other ghosts within there. There’s the fourth Langdon child. There’s what the hell is going to happen with Michael?? Also why is the house-slash-property possessed by evil? I’m strongly under the suspicion it was sacred ground to a native tribe and a deity/creature/something is the founding darkness. Possibly the Montgomery family woke it up when they started their in home abortions. I think they might have started a ritual when they did …. only to never complete it? Theory I have thrown around since the beginning.

Also, a second season with some episodes of Tate and Violet hating and angsting and antagonizing and fucking each other before they realize he didn’t do that to her mother would be suuuuper. Give me their darkness. Give me them jealous and angry and miserable. Give me them unable to not be around each other, even after Violet tries so hard. Give me Violet succumbing to her own demons. Gimme gimme gimme.

Mmm, though, I don’t think I have a problem with any of the cast within season one? I have problems with the script, not the ones portraying it.

Lastly, I would want Vivien to get some closure on her rape because she never so much as got to confront Tate in the show? also l o l I would have gotten rid of that “happy” ending between the Harmons, at least the implication it would continue to be happy because ………… no.

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♦ Tate Langdon vs. Kit Walker - ‘American Horror Story’ | ‘American Horror Story : Asylum

you can’t make your mind up. whether you’re here or you’re gone. whether you’re pure or you’re tainted. you’re always indifferent.

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